Photography by Melanie


Born in Frimley, Surrey, and raised in Hampshire, Melanie is an artist who has always had a particular interest in photography. She has spent some time photographing various places in the world including Europe, the Middle East and Australia.


1. Honours degree in Primary Teaching specialising in Art at the University of Reading. The last two years of her degree were spent exploring different types of photography, with a special interest in the macro image.
2. Currently taking a diploma course in Photography to expand her knowledge of the subject and open up her own photography business.

The ideas and processes behind the work:

Melanie has experimented with the overlaying and manipulation of images, photomontage, macro, photography, photograms, scanography and the enlargement of individual images in order to experiment with the perception of scale. Her photography reveals the fine details and beauty in her surroundings that often go unseen. Whether taking pictures of moss coated in dew drops or patterns in the bark of a tree, Melanie uses her camera to capture an image that conveys a fresh and alternative perspective of the world around her.


1. Graduate Exhibition at the University, Reading - July 2009
2. Art exhibition at the Moontree Gallery, Boscombe - March -April 2010
3. 'Telling Stories' Exhibition at Upton Park, Poole - September 2010
4. Open House Exhibition at Shabitat, Brighton - May 2011