Photography by Melanie

As a photographer I am interested in the fine detail and random marks, patterns and textures in my surroundings that often go unnoticed by others. By paying special attention to these, I attempt to reveal the intricate details of everyday objects.

I have experimented with the overlaying and manipulation of images, photomontage, macro photography, photograms and scanography. I also enlarge individual images in order to experiment with the perception of scale. Macro photography in particular challenges the convention of the photograph by 'zooming in' so that the image becomes ambiguous in terms of scale and subject; this is enhanced by experimenting with different camera angles and concentrating on specific focal points in a picture creating a feeling of depth and magnitude. For example an insignificant mark on a wall can be read as a vast empty landscape.

A common theme in my work is the exploration of light and shadow to highlight the fine detail of the subject. Photographers such as Nicholas Hughes, James Welling and Gitl Braun also feature light and shadow when working with different materials, a method that has been inspirational to my work. Welling's work in particular led me to work with photograms, a technique that has been around since the invention of photography.

The photographic work of the artist Huang Xu has motivated me to work with a scanner. Although I am unable to work with a 3D archaeological scanner as he does, I have established a way of creating a 3D image using a flatbed scanner. This technique enables me to capture a feeling of great depth and gives the appearance that the object is floating in a void.